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Welcome to The Lifestyle Vet!

The Lifestyle Vet provides a gold standard level of preventative health care for your lifestyle animals, all year round.

Consultation Veterinary Services

The Lifestyle Vet provides GOLD standard preventative veterinary care for your beloved lifestyle farm animals.

Animal Health Plans

Our one of a kind Animal Health Plans provide your beloved lifestyle animals with an all in one preventative health care service.

Shearing Services

We offer professional, punctual and animal friendly shearing services for your much loved sheep and alpacas.

Animal Burial Services

Has a beloved lifestyle animal passed away? For all your animal burial options, talk to us today!

Why Choose Us?

Veterinary Services for Lifestyle Block Animals

House Sitting Services for Lifestyle Blocks

Professional Shearing Services for Sheep & Alpacas

Lifestyle Animal Health Care Plan Subscriptions

Yard Design & Building Services

Animal Burial & Removal Services

We provide an exceptional level of care for your lifestyle animals


Our Lifestyle Animal Support Services (LASS), offer comprehensive preventative health care solutions for lifestyle animals to ensure they are kept happy and healthy all year round.

We are here for you and your animals!  Whether your animals are sick, require shearing, or you just want to make sure you’re doing the right thing. We are devoted to helping you with all of your lifestyle animal health care needs.

Is there something that your lifestyle animals need? Contact us today!

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