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Animal Yard Design & Building Services

LASS Animal Yard Design & Building Services

If you’ve owned farm animals then you will know that trying to do anything hands on without decent yard facilities can be a nightmare. Haven’t got yards or have old yards that need an upgrade? Not to worry…

LASS can take the stress out of the whole process by providing you with a range of yard designs, specific for the type and number of animals you have on your property. Our experienced yard builders and fencers can help with all of your animal yarding requirements.


Yarding facilities are essential:

  • If you want to keep your animals healthy by providing all the necessary treatments
  • If you have breeding stock that are pregnant
  • If you have sick animals that require treatment by you or a veterinarian
  • If you plan on transporting your animals from one location to another
  • If you have sheep or alpacas that require shearing
  • If you want to ensure your safety while handling animals
  • If you want to reduce stress to you and the animal during handling.

Do you have Cattle?

If you have cattle, more sophisticated facilities such as a head bail and heavy duty cattle yards are crucial. A head bail enables cattle to be safely restrained, so that drenching, injections, pour on administration, facial eczema bolusing and veterinary examination can be carried out.

LASS Can Offer:

  • No obligation quotes on our standard and custom yard design options
  • A range of designs & styles specific for the species you have on your property
  • Quality materials used
  • Guaranteed professionalism and workmanship
  • Construction of facilities within a timely manner
  • A good set of yards are invaluable!